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In early February 2014, British multinational grocery and general merchandise retailer, Tesco, fell victim a data breach. Once hackers extracted Tesco customers details, the cyber criminals posted them in a public pastebin link. The pastebin link has since been removed from the public web. But under the secret dark web, Tesco customer details are in high demand.
In a report by The Guardian, Tesco customer details are in high demand. Vouchers appear to be on the eBay of drugs, known as the Silk Road 2.0. In a screenshot from the Silk Road 2.0, Tesco vouchers worth £100 ($167.15), can be seen begin sold for $80.75 (£48.31).
Picture credit to techworm.net
While Tesco cards are in high demand, they are ranking number two in the most sold item on the Silk Road 2.0. Right above the Tesco cards is, “***Superman Xtc Pill***”. A screenshot from a dark web chat shows the top three most sold items. Tesco ranking at number two!
Picture credit to techworm.net
While sales are roaring for Tesco customer cards, Tesco insists none of its customers will “loose out” in victim to the fraud. Throughout online chats on the dark net one customer questions their anonymity.
Chat on online forums suggests a growing community of people have bought the vouchers. One potential buyer queries whether they could be found out if they used the vouchers. “I’m sure Tesco would notice if someone is ordering all their food with only 50-100 pound vouchers,” they write. “I tried it, I bought £100 from Revivalry (vendor on SR) around Christmas time, it worked in store not sure about online never bought online vouchers,” another replies.–The Guardian
While Tesco cards are hot on the market, the breach has been live for just about one month. While sales roar, only limited amounts can be sold due to the scale of the Tesco breach.
As the original Silk Road shut down, drug markets are in no shortage. Shortly after Ross William Ulbricht, the alleged Silk Road mastermind was arrested, online dark web drug markets spiked. After many resulting in high profile BitCoin scams, the market has once again leveled out. The Tesco data breach appears to be in high demand on the ever growing Silk Road 2.0.
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