REvil ransomware gang is back after disappearing amid Kaseya attack fernando goods cvv, carder bazar

The official website of the REvil ransomware gang (aka Sodinokibi) which is accessible through the Tor browser is back online after mysteriously going offline in July 2021.
It is yet unclear whether the original group has resurfaced or its cyber infrastructure is being used by law enforcement authorities as part of a honeytrap.
However, last week reported on a series of large DDoS attacks on two Internet and Telephony Service Providers (ITSP) in the United Kingdom. In a statement, Comms Council UK, a body that supports and represents telecom firms in the country, said that both attacks were carried out by the REvil suggesting that the gang is carrying out unannounced attacks.
It is worth noting that on July 13th, 2021, the official website of the REvil group along with its chat and payment gateways went offline . Reportedly, the temporary demise of the group happened due to mounting pressure from the United States government after the gang’s large-scale cyberattack against Kaseya , a software company located in the U.S.
As of now, can confirm that REvil’s Tor website is back online while its chat platform used for negotiating with victims for ransomware attacks and its clearnet site were offline.
For those unaware of REvil’s activities; the group is known for targeting high-profile businesses and organizations. According to its website, the group is behind hundreds of cyberattacks including:
1.  Acer
2.  Kaseya
3.  Quanta
4.  MasMovil
5.  Sol Oriens
6.  State Bank of Chile
Regardless of which industry you are connected to there are basic steps to avoid ransomware attacks. These includes:
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