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Recently, security researchers from Palo Alto Networks discovered an iOS application named “Happy English Daily” that was masquerading itself as a “functional” English language learning app, while in reality functioning as a full-feature 3rd party app store in China. What was particularly noteworthy was the app’s ability to install pirated, unauthorized iOS applications – even on non-jailbroken devices. The hackers had also implemented geographical filtering limiting the unauthorized app store to consumers within China – otherwise routing to the language learning app when accessed outside of the mainland.
The researchers from Palo Alto Networks first reported the app, which they coined as “ZergHelper”, to Apple on Feb.19th; Apple removed the app from the App Store later that day (the app was made available on the App store in October of 2015). The researchers’ analysis of ZergHelper did not reveal malicious functionality, and was subsequently classified as ‘Riskware’. However, they did note it presented several security risks, as documented in Claud Xiao’s (Palo Alto Networks) blog .
Patrick Wardle, Synack Director of R&D and Apple security expert , provided his perspective on the situation, prefacing with the fact that, “Xiao’s blog is very technically comprehensive”.
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