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As the world is fast-forwarding to the 22nd century, technology happens to get stronger and powerful over time. Technology has completely changed one’s aspects and nature about everything, which can be seen in the behavior and the interaction between kids nowadays.
With various devices, like laptops and phones, children are welcomed to another world of amusements. Technology and the internet provide many positive benefits for learning but that same candy store can turn your child’s teeth sore.  The Internet can help your child do research for different things and solve games like mind puzzles, but at the same time, it can also distract your kid to wrong places and websites or even aggressive games.
A solution to all these problems is “ FAMISAFE ” an app built to keep track of your kid’s device consumption and his activities.
About to be mentioned are the features that FamiSafe provides to its users.
The increased usage of devices can leave some parents worried about the amount of time their children give to the harmful rays. Here Failsafe’s ‘screen-time tracking’ feature comes in handy and if enabled can also shut down the devices temporarily.   Keeping in view, most doctors suggest that 8 hours of sleep per individual is a must for a healthy lifestyle, FamiSafe can help you schedule your kid’s sleep plan. For example, if you set the shutting of the device to 11 pm, the app will power off the device accordingly, which can be turned on later that evening or afternoon.
Peer influence has a greater say in the growth of an individual. Some parents stress over the possibility of their kid wandering to unsafe places or carrying out restricted activities, here’s how Failsafe’s “ Location tracking and geofencing” can prove to be useful. This feature tracks your kid’s current location, and also the past location too. For confidence parents can also enable certain geo-fences which will alert you if the kid goes beyond the restricted areas.
Aggressive games, shows, and advertisements can cause your children to be hanging on every word. FamiSafe not only blocks certain applications and games but also helps to keep track of what was previously installed and uninstalled in your kid’s device. If they think they can outsmart you, they have to think twice now!
Your child may discover pornographic and inappropriate content unintentionally, which may be prevented with Failsafe’s “web content filtering” feature. It helps you block out adult sites, which may be encountered by the children.
Tiffany who is a user of this app says “I hate the Clash of Clans game. It took too much time from my son. FamiSafe helped me to control my son’s phone and prevent him from addiction at least at night. It is easy to handle the app. The only thing is it is not always free (only for the first three days).”
It offers a free three-day plan and after that, if you’re satisfied you can purchase the app with a subscription plan
Following are the paying plans:
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