Authorities Dismantled The InfinityBlack Hacker Groups Database dumps shop 2016, cvv dumps shop store

European Union Agency with other law enforcement agencies takes down the infamous hacking group known as InfinityBlack database that has managed to sell the complete databases with millions of users’ private credentials on the internet.
This hacking group is well known for distributing stolen credentials, as well as creating and distributing malware or several types of hacking tools.
The European Union Agency for Law Enforcement Cooperation, Europol, continues to collaborate with different national police forces and law enforcement authorities in various operations against hacking or content piracy. 
As in recent times, Europol has achieved some important achievements to end pirated IPTV (Internet Protocol television), but now they have managed to score somewhat in different areas as well, like the universe of hackers. 
Recently, several Law enforcement agencies joint operations were carried out on April 29, 2020, in Poland, and five people who were members of this hacker group were arrested.
The Polish National Police, Policja, has seized various computer equipment, external hard drives, and cryptocurrency wallets with a value of about 100,000 euros. 
According to the Europol report , the group was perfectly organized into three different teams, each with a specific role and function. Here are roles that each member in the hacking group, InfinityBlack plays:-
Their primary source of stolen data was correlated to the rewards point programs; In fact, they had designed a complex operation to steal thousands of accounts in Switzerland. Moreover, it is estimated that the losses caused by this hacking group, InfinityBlack, were around 50,000 euros, while the damage could have been up to 610,000 euros, as the hackers had access to more accounts. 
All these have become possible due to the joint collaboration of Polish and Swiss law enforcement authorities who were supported by Europol and Eurojust, who stopped all the illegal cyber operations of the hacking group in time.
The Police set them up with the purchase of these data, managing to relate them to users in Poland. Along with these organizations, Europol has also provided technical means and the necessary support so that everything could be concluded satisfactorily.
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